MedBulb is the d.b.a. online presence of Kayser Medical Specialties, Inc.

For over 18 years we have been actively supplying the medical replacement bulbs needed by our online customers including hospitals, clinics, and medical and veterinary offices all over the world.  Kayser Medical Specialties, Inc. has an additional 15 years of supplying over 1,000 hospitals, clinics, etc.

We ship from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, USA.

We maintain an excellent reputation for value and exceptional service for the largest university hospitals to the smallest medical office. We promote new ground breaking technologies that are ignored by our competitors. We have delivered literally hundreds of thousands of bulbs to illuminate the medical practices of millions of medical staff members!

We will sell you the best bulb available and we will let you know when there is better technology available in a bulb, so you will get the best value possible!  We want you to know that you have a friend in the bulb business!

This year we are celebrating 33 years of reliable service, supplying excellent replacement lamps and bulbs! We hope you will think of us as a trusted and reliable resource and we look forward to serving you!

Rich Kayser