Original price was: $29.75.Current price is: $14.75.

Volts: 6

Watts: 30

Used In: Nikon Eclipse Slit Lamp E400, and more..., Olympus CH, BX40, CX31, BMAX, Original BX2, BX40F3, BX41, BX45, CH, CH40, CK, CK2, CK30, CK40, IL ILL30, IX2, IX50, IX51, ULS30, ULS303,, Unico Model IP730

Also Known As: 25713-9, 257139, 8C410, 78021, JC6V30W/G4, JC6V-30W, 58127029, 910-040-086, JC6-30, 98061, 84246, 1000867, 3256-30, 410849, BW.5761, BW5761

6V 30W G4 T2.75 BiPin Halogen Bulb

Very Widely Used In Lab Microscopes.


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