Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $325.00.

Watts: 150

Light Source Brand: Fuginon, Luxtec

Light Source Model: Fuginon EPX-2500, Fuginon Models: EPX-2200 Luxtec Models: CLX, CLX-T

Also Known As: Cermax, Exelitas, EPX2500, EPX-2500, Fuginon EPX-2500, Y1808, Y1808B, 00-1187, EPX 2200 B; LMP001; 150AF, EPX2200B, EPX-2200, 102K1125460, CX150AF, LMP-001, LMP001

150W Xenon Replacement Lamp for Fuginon Model EPX2200, EPX2500 and more…

Area of Use: Operating Room / GI Lab

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