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Watts: 180

Light Source Brand: Ecleris, Smith & Nephew, BFW, Eleris Xenolux, Zeiss

Light Source Model: BFW Maxenon PowerPlus 180W, Ecleris Xenolux 180 - Erie Medical, Ecleris Xenolux 180, Zeiss Vario S88, Lumera 700, Movina, Pro Ergo, S100/OPMI Pico Microscopes, Also used in selected Leica Microscopes.

Also Known As: 3049779035; 304977-9035 (Zeiss) with 5 way connector, Ecleris Xenolux 180, XBOR180W45Z, 69183, MD1805, 4636WX5

180W Xenon Bulb Used in Zeiss Vario S88, Lumera 700, Movina & Pro Ergo Microscopes,

Ecleris Xenolux 180

Other Info: Bulb with Wires & Connector

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